Criteria for Donations of Dresses

The need is great – and we want to get these dresses and shorts to the children who need them most so we have a criteria to ensure this happens, as much as possible.


  • The organisation, charity, children’s home or school, is reputable with a website or parent body website
  • There is a contact who works for the organisation and is well known to the organisation and contactable
  • The children, who are the recipients, are in need of assistance
  • There will be photograph of the children in the dresses at the distribution point – this is sometimes not appropriate – such as kids in care or those who have been trafficked and may come to harm, and therefore may not be required
  • There is an agreement that the clothes are given freely not sold in any way
  • There is contact through the exchange and delivery
  • There is followup after the delivery

In some cases, such as an individual distributing clothes, the distribution will be limited to a few clothes until trust between the parties has been gained.