Cards for Kids in Need

How would it be if a child thousands of kilometres away received a card from someone who cared. The person wrote a little about themselves and their hobbies, or pets, or school. They included a little gift perhaps some stickers and they sent their love! What is this child had never received a message in their lives – how special would that make them feel….

So this is the touchy feely bit! Showing a kids by this small gesture that someone cares!! And we know they love to receive cards – just look at these faces!!

So this is what you do!

  • Buy or make blank cards and envelopes – the two dollar type stores have packs of 10 for about $2.00
  • Decorate the cards – inside and out – make it colourful and fun – please note that the kids won’t know who Spiderman or Barbie is – they may not even have a TV so keep it to things they will recognise – people, nature, animals, sports, flowers etc
  • Write a bit about you in the card – what you like doing (remember that they wont know what an X-box or an ipad is etc), about your family, your pets, where you live, what you like about school etc
  • You may want to include a photo of you or your family – or a portrait you have drawn
  • Also include a little gift, such as stickers, or woolies cards, or for girls a hair clip
  • Once you are finished pop the card etc in an envelope – please don’t seal – and put on the from G for girl or B for boy – if it is unisex then don’t put a letter on the outside of the envelope at all
  • Please do not put your contact details other than your first name on the card or envelope, please also do not put money, plant material such as dried grasses or seeds or inappropriate &/or bulky items in the card

Once you are finished sent the cards to me and I will make sure they go with the packages we send to kids around the world.

Carol Mead – Cards for Kids in Need

44 Charlton Cres

Gordon ACT 2906


A Note for Teachers

Thank you for considering this for your class. This activity could be used in conjunction with learning about the world, and global citizenship which is so important. I realise that there is a duty of care around photographs of the child writing the card or letter. Please use your discretion as to what is appropriate, and in reference to the policy of your educational facility and contact me if you need to on 0423388354.

Also please note that often we have contact at schools or organisations who have the children’s names available – when this is the case we can send a card for each child and we know their age etc. This works well.