Do you want to sew??

Firstly thank you for your interest and we are delighted to have you on board.  We are Canberra Based and there are lots of groups like ours across the world and Australia of course. If you are not from Canberra – please see the note below…. 🙂

For Canberra Sewers

If you are in Canberra you are welcome to sew with us and will provide everything you need except your machine, needles and cotton.  We hold sewing days every month – and you are welcome to come – and also sew at home too. Many ladies fit a few dresses every month or two into their busy schedules, and we make it easy because it is all included! And they are astonishingly quick (well after the first one at least).

Every dress or pair of shorts, comes folded into a neat package, with everything you need. We have an instruction sheet, which will be packed with the dresses, and we ask that you follow the instructions carefully. Please don’t use your overlocker unless for neatening, the seams are better french seamed for stability, comfort, washing and wear. We have been careful to ensure these dresses are very well made, and look to you to uphold this standard of care when you sew them too 🙂 …. Sue and I always say don’t rush … put the same care into the dress as you would for your own child or grandchild.


Usually we provide packets of four to six dresses at a time in two different styles. We made the decision not to provide the ubiquitous pillow case dress as we believe the comfort and fit is not ideal. We believe our dresses value the girls and are most culturally appropriate… they can be used as pinafores in cooler months and look great with tights or pants too. The response from the communities has been very positive.

The 2 to 6 year old styles have a cross over bodice and are great for little girls with no buttons or zips.

Size 2 to 6 dressesThe Flutter Sleeve Dresses


Not from Canberra??

If you are not from Canberra – don’t worry you can be a part of the fun –  I drafted the flutter sleeve dress and the boys shorts and I am happy to provide a multi pattern to draft off if you want to cut and make them from your material, the cost is $12 to cover printing and postage, you will find them in the store.  They include instructions and labels as we are required to use them…. these are available when you require more for $5 a large sheet of labels. Of course I am also happy of you want to make them for personal use too. The cross over style – while very cute – is not as in as much demand as the flutter sleeve dresses for the 6 to 14 year olds so unless I get a lot of demand for the pattern of the smaller sizes I will continue to provide the flutter dress only.

The shorts are included in the pattern and are fantastic and easy!!

The boys shorts

If you are happy to sew – we are happy to have you help us – many hands make the task so much easier.

Please remember you can always contact me through this website or on my email

Welcome to our happy sewers!!