Days for Girls is 11 years old today

Today Days for Girls is 11 years old!!!

Throughout the world we have given over 1.5 million kits to girls and women.

We have educated, we have rejoiced and wept bitter tears too in frustration.

We have built enterprises.

We have spread the words of hope, health and healing.

We have shattered taboos.

We are grinding down shame that shackles women to feel unworthy.

We have seen the smiles.

Witnessed the change.




We are a small part of this movement.

A little cog of many wheels.

But we reach girls that were unreachable a few short years ago.

So to you all…..

I thank you

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period!

August Post 2019

This is a very short post as I will be back with lots more information soon

This Nun arranged for Lubna to do a distribution in her area

As I write this I am just about to leave for Vanuatu on Monday where I will be meeting Ednah for the first time and giving her DFG kits, spectacles, bras, baby clothes and lots more. we are taking in 46 kilos to the people in the villages. Lots of photos to come.

Never underestimate the gift of health to a child

We have had lots of contacts recently and we are welcoming Mozambique, Ethiopia and the Philippines to the Sew for A Girl Canberra fold! It is funny how these things work out, with an old friend Jules coming back into my life – she visits Ethiopia once a year and we hope to get DFG kits and clothes over there.

Packs for children with toothbrushes

Lubna is now in the midst of distributing DFG kits again after leave to have her lovely baby Joshua. So she is working through the vast amount of kits and other supplies.


Other news is that the container is on its way to Zimbabwe so Victoria can start to distribute DFG kits and kids clothes to the people in her home town.

The two boxes are on their way to the kids at Amani Kids in Tanzania – we are hoping customs will be a bit more generous this time around.

Amani Kids from last years distribution of clothes

127 kits are now delivered to the outpost in Victoria for delivery to the women and girls who are Syrian refugees. we are delighted to support such a worthwhile project.

45 DFG kits have left Townsville with YWAM ships to PNG.

Thank you for your support – I am looking forward to a much needed break and will be back with photos and lots more news soon

With love


Mid-Winter Update – July 2019

July has been an incredibly busy month and as I write this I reflect on how we have grown throughout the past three years. Three years ago we met for a few months within people’s homes – and I would bring everything in and then most houses just wouldn’t fit the number of sewing machines or women. We then moved for a few months into the Grant Cameron Community Centre until, fortuitously, I stopped my retirement and came to work at SHOUT!

Where we started

Luckily at SHOUT we have a meeting room (now upgraded to further meet our needs – cough) – and better yet – storage! So no longer do I pack my car to the headrests and higher (sorry for that Mr Policeman) … we ‘simply’ take several loads of boxes out of storage into the meeting room where we have enough room for 12 sewing machines and a row of tables can be made into a packing machine worked with willing hands and lovely chatter. How far we have come!

Some of our first DFG kits

I am not really religious – but I do believe that it has all come together in rather a miraculous way!

And today I am going to talk about my gorgeous volunteers: I am delighted to say they come from all walks of life, and everyone is totally accepted. We are inclusive, friendly and enjoy our days spent sewing up a storm, be it clothes or kits, or packing the DFG kits. There is always busy activity but no stress – it is a place of acceptance and kindness. And I am totally in awe of the amazing women we attract to the cause.

I am also so thankful for Leonie for managing beautifully the packing of the DFG Kits area – it just is so good that I can leave it in her capable hands and she is so lovely with everyone. Leonie you are a gem!!

Leonie at Grant Cameron Centre about 2 years ago

Gill is always working in the background – dyeing undies, washers and flannelette which is too light, preparing the bags for sewing and tracing the shields and pockets. I love she says goodie!! when I deliver yet another bag/s of fabric or dyeing!

Gill with one of her pieced bags all finished and made into a DFG kit

And Sue and Ron who cut all the dresses and shorts and have done so now for over two years – this has been an incredible help to me – as in the beginning I was trying to keep up with it all!! Her work is wonderful…. we have filled one of her rooms with fabric – that is a true friend.

Linda, Sue and Liz – left to right

And Ron who did two years of hotspot overlocking, sewing and cutting …. who did it so consistently – we are missing him as he is having a well deserved break …. the overlocker is waiting for you Ron when you decide to return – never say never!!

Ron with the trusty overlocker and a coffee!!

Also thank you to Liz who has taken over the duties of snap machine guru – for the DFG shields and Flick who takes care of our PUL cutting – both of which I was trying to do (badly).

Victoria picks up kits for Zimbabwe

I would also like to thank all the amazing ladies who turn up every month for the sewing and packing days – who are so amazing and strong in their resolve for us to do something for those in need. They keep us supplied in undies, washers and soaps and they are all valued beyond measure! I am grateful to you all – thank you.

Project Didi girls and their new dreses

And to our home sewers – far and wide – we have ladies all over Australia who sew for us – and send through the clothes and DFG kits. I have not met most of you – but I am so grateful for your time and energy – you are amazing.

Thank you also for donations across Australia – for funds and for items …. without your support we could not do what we do. Thank you to CWA for supporting us so strongly – it makes such a difference!

I also want to thank our wonderful people on the ground – the negotiations, time and the consistency needed to get the clothes and DFG kits to those who need them is astonishing – and yet this is where all the volunteers above help me so much – I spend most of my time working through the issues and negotiating with 16 (at last count) countries – all are different and all take time – and all are so worthwhile.

Lubna Pakistan

Thank you to:

  • Ednah – Vanuatu
  • Gideon – Tanzania
  • Lubna – Pakistan
  • Lucette – Vietnam
  • Melanie – Papua New Guinea
  • Simon and Jann – Kenya
  • Steve and Margie – Kiisi Kenya
  • Victoria – Zimbabwe
  • Gwen – Philippines
  • Sue – Solomon Islands
  • Fountain of Peace – Uganda
  • Oz Blaydon – Nepal
  • Project Didi – Nepal
New clothes at Safe Haven Orphanage Kiisi Kenya

Sadly we have had to day goodbye to a few volunteers lately and we will miss them so much. Goodbye to Sue Dawes and Ray MacNeill who both passed away suddenly recently – Sue came to several sewing days and enjoyed packing kits. Ray was an amazing friend and photographer – who we will miss, more than he will ever know.

This month we:

  • Finally packed and are ready to send the two boxes of clothes to Tanzania – 33 dresses and 26 short sets
  • Have packed and are ready for pick up for the refugee project – 127 kits
  • Have packed kits for Vanuatu and the YWAM ship leaving from Townsville
  • Have sent 18 kits, and various other items to Pakistan in two boxes

Thank you for your amazing support – we are doing really well – and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our amazing team.

With love


June 2019 Update

Hi everyone it is Winter here in Australia but it doesn’t stop – we are certainly busy. A friend and I took a much deserved trip for a week to Hoi An in Vietnam and we loved it – it was great for a break before getting into the Winter cold of Canberra.

Please note that I am trying to raise some funds to assist us over the next few months and your donation is very welcome – we will be issuing a tax deductible receipt and it is a great way to support our work. Even a few dollars is so much help. We will use the funds for the work – never admin – not ever!! Please donate through our bank account or through the donate section on the side bar of this website (or at the bottom if you are on a smart phone)

Account Name: Days for Girls Australia Limited
BSB: 064 032
Account number: 10134986

We are so excited that our parcel has hit Pakistan after a couple of months and will be delivered soon – there is a lot of area to cover and 11 boxes totaling 110 kilos is a massive undertaking. Lubna is excited to know it is coming through soon.

One of the sessions in Pakistan

Equally exciting is the work that Days for Girls (DFG) is doing with the Syrian refugees around the world and the commitment to get 33,000 DFG kits into refugee camps to support these women. We have pledged 50 kits and will provide more if possible. Thankfully DFG Australia is paying for the postage of these kits to a central distribution point so we can get them there easily.

I am also thrilled to let you know that we have a wonderful contact in the Philippines and we are just waiting for them to finalise their training and then we will be packing for a shipment (also carried over at no cost to us!) They will take DFG kits and clothing as they can – how exciting for the women and girls of this regional village who have so little.

Our Tanzania shipment of clothing is almost finalised and will be sent soon to Amani Childrens Home – this has been a little delayed getting everything together. It should be on its way in Early July.

New clothing for all the kids at Amani

We have been working with Victoria in Zimbabwe and we have stocked her with DFG kits and clothes – we hope that the embassy here in Canberra will choose to support shipments to Zimbabwe after Victoria returns back there in Summer.

Victoria and I …. DFG Kits for Zimbabwe

Finally my husband are off to Vanuatu in August to deliver clothes, kits, supplies, DFG kits and glasses in 46 kilos of extra baggage! We cannot wait to see Ednah and delivering the items to her for the villagers she supports through her work.

Ednah and her patient with his sons

And I would like to shout out to all the ladies who sew, pack, cut ribbons, overlock, raise money, buy undies and facewashers, collect soaps, find fabric and chat to people about what we do, every week to make this all work – we know that we are all small pieces of a gigantic puzzle – but it all helps so much.

In particular I would like to thank Frances C who has been amazing over the past year or so – as she and her husband move to a warmer climate to be closer to her family and grandchildren. Thanks Frances for your friendship, for your enthusiasm and mostly for your consistent presence and expertise! I will miss you!

Take care dear friends til our next update!

With love – Carol

April and May Update

It has been a huge couple of months and we have had so many successes I am delighted that everything is looking so amazing.

Our shorts! At Fountain of Peace in Uganda

Firstly – we are delighted to welcome little Joshua to the world – he is the much loved and awaited third child of Lubna and Anoush. Joshua was early and needed a bit of extra care but is doing very well!

Little Joshua

Our coffers have been helped lately with a few donations which we have used to purchase PUL, fabric, labels and flannelette. We also had some donations to assist in posting packages across the globe and we are so grateful for this as it is just so expensive.

A new Dress!!

We were told recently of a container traveling to Pakistan from Australia at just $5 a kilo. After what was a large negotiation process, and not a little help from some kind sponsors 110 kilos of DFG kits (205), 76 dresses, 41 short sets, countless pens, pencils, toothbrushes and paste, women’s underwear and bras set off for Pakistan. Thanks to Philippa and the ladies of Canberra City DFG Team for their support!

Then of course we were introduced to Victoria who has been working in the Zimbabwe Embassy in Canberra and returning home to her country. This has led to the amazing possibility of sending 186 DFG kits and 276 dresses and 76 short sets in a container for free!! This was amazing and we jumped at the possibility!! We also will be able to supply more for Zimbabwe at no cost for postage – which we will definitely take advantage of! Victoria has finished her training and she was so thankful for this opportunity to help the women in her country!

Carol and Victoria

In April we also found that the Canberra City Team has post partum DFG kits that they wanted to give somewhere. Through our contacts with Ednah in Vanuatu we have sent over the past few months clothing for kids, 30 DFG kits for girls in school and lots of prescription glasses for the communities she looks after.

Tanya and Ednah

Leanne and Tanya have taken the supplies over and we have posted some as well. More will go to Vanuatu when my husband and I travel there in July – I have been gifted a lot of maternity bras and I expect Ednah will need more days for girls kits by then.

Ednah gives out our shorts
Vanuatu – don’t they look lovely!!

Bec has found a contact in the Philippines and we will be supporting her when she has completed her training with Days for Girls Kits. These girls are slight so we have a lot of undies 8 to 10 size which will be perfect.

Uplift Australia has been shipping days for girls kits and clothing to Papua New Guinea – they asked us last week for more – and we are now out of kits but June is coming and we will make up more !! So it is about where we can get them for little cost – we will supply Uplift as we can.

Telopea Park High School has contacted me in regards to the students making cards and getting involved and we have a large shipment to go to Tanzania of clothes to Amani Kids in the middle of June – so I have flagged this as a possibility. We have almost all the clothes needed for Tanzania except 6 pair of boys shorts size 14. Thanks to Chris these are being made and soon the crate will be on its way.

We are currently needing the following:

  • Undies – boys all sizes
  • Undies – girls for DFG kits 10-12 and 12-14 (cotton no lace)
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  • 12 mm grosgrain ribbon – bright colours (buy through Ebay from China)
  • PUL fabric from Snaps Australia
  • Bright patterned flannelette (no eyes, skulls, animals please)

Thank you to the CWA who came through with 80 pair of girls undies for the kits … I also received a donation of $100 with thanks and bought another 100!

I think that is it for a while – we have been very active the past months and we are delighted that our work is going out to people who need it the most. I am off to Vietnam for a break for a couple of weeks and I will be in touch again here when I return.

Please know that you are all so appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This work is not easy – but it is special and we do so much to help our sisters in other countries.

Thank you so much

Welcome to 2019 with a bang!!

Well it has really started and we are now in March – honestly – how did that happen already??

We have sent 100 kits down to Uplift in Melbourne for distribution through UPLIFT to PNG. The women there are desperate for days for girls kits and we were very kindly supported by CBR Logistics who have donated the transport!!

We have also sent 30 kits to Lubna in Pakistan – and thankfully we have now room in a container so we will be sending 50 kilos of kits, bras and clothing at about 1/3 of the cost as by post – I will be setting up a crowd funding for this $250 but it will stand Pakistan in good stead for the months ahead.

Please think of Lubna at this time as she is nearing the end of her pregnancy and has had some issues with high blood pressure – we are so grateful for the work she does in Pakistan and she is excited to be expecting her son … her daughters are very excited too.

And there is great news for both Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands with more transport options opening up through the Help em facebook group. We are sending days for girls kits, bras and glasses to assist people in very remote villages. We are gratefully working with Ednah below who will arrange to take the items across to the women there.

We are excited that we have a lot of kits and clothing going out over the next weeks – it will free up my garage somewhat – it looks a bit like a clothing shop at the moment.

This is just a quick catch up – I will post again when I have more information – but until then – thank you for everything you do!! Every little bit helps.

Oh and if you can donate some money for the 50kilos in the shipping container that would be awesome – our kitty is pretty low at the moment (under $100)

Lots of love, as always – Carol

Christmas Message

I really wanted to post this Christmas Message today to show you how we have made such a difference to kids around the world.

In a time when girls we reach out too cannot attend school because of their periods – we have reached out and sent 615 Days for Girls kits across the world in 2018 to Pakistan, Kenya and Laos. Why are these kits and educating girls so important? Because if girls are kept in school, they are educated and educated women simply change the world – they build careers, they give back to their community and they educate their children. They are less likely to marry young, have lots of children and are not vulnerable to sex trafficking – so simply we know that education saves their lives!

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

To the amazing Lubna Ghani – who has taken this mantle to Pakistan and trained almost 1000 girls and women about periods, which was never done before. We are hoping to build an enterprise next year for Pakistan to support the work. Lubna changes lives in her community of women and children through Tree of Life Ministries – she is amazing.

Lubna facilitating Days for Girls training

We have educated the community here in Australia – and we have formed lovely relationships with Fernwood, CWA, Rotary, Lions Club and are looking to further opportunities with schools and organisations in 2019. We also have great relationships with Amani Kids Tanzania, Safe Haven Childrens Home Kenya, Global School Partners Kenya, Project Didi Nepal, Fountain of Peace Uganda, My Island Home Papua New Guinea, and Quan Am Vietnam.

We formed built a wonderful group of women who sew and connect with others across Australia – women of all ages and backgrounds who use their skills to make a difference – we have sewers, helpers, packers and people who purchase undies and face washers for us. People who donate fabric, ribbon and time.

Safe Haven Kenya

We are blessed with several key people who I can rely on to assist us whenever we need it. I am grateful to each and everyone of these amazing people who help out in so many ways. Particularly I want to mention Sue and Ron who cut clothing and liners for us – they do a spectacular job! Gill who sews the strips for the bags, overlocks the bags and prepares them for sewing and who dyes undies, washers and fabric on request …. thank you so much. And Frances who has been such a joy this year (I am delighted she found us!!) and does the collections over the northside of donated fabric!

To our sewers – you are amazing!! We managed this year to distribute 487 dresses and 236 short sets across the globe – we sent them into countries we have never been before – and the smiles on those kids faces makes it so worthwhile. Thank you for your time, the love you put in to each stitch and your genuine joy in creating a beautiful dress or pair of shorts!

I must mention our amazing sewers across Australia – from WA up through Queensland, through NSW and into Tasmania. Every week or two I get a package of dresses and shorts, donations of soaps, undies and face washers. Thank you so much. Toothbrushes and tooth paste, combs and pencils all help to make the lives of kids better – and they are so appreciated.

I also am thrilled to let you know that we are supporting several groups who we in turn donate too…. sometimes we just get things we cannot use – so we donate small hotel toiletries and lined bags from CWA (which are too heavy to post) to Bosom Buddies for their pamper kits when the ladies come in to hospital for their surgery, A charitable quilting group who make trauma quilts for children, and the View club who uses fabric we cannot use to make items to raise money for the kids they support in Canberra Schools.

So in all – we have had the most amazing year.

Thank you for your support and I wish you all a very safe Christmas – surrounded by love

With love




October November Update

Hello everyone – our supporters, helpers, sewers and of course the girls and organisations we support. We have been crazily busy the past couple of months and like most people I \had so much on with work and this that the website missed out on being updated. I am sorry – but I am sure you will understand! We do keep our facebook updated however … so if you want the news more regularly – please pop in there – it is less tricky and time consuming to update and so happens much more often.

Distribution Kenya

We are having some gorgeous cards you can buy for $10 each for a Christmas gift … each card will buy a Days for Girls Kit and I will happily send them for free all over Australia – either to you – or I can play Santa… Here is the link to purchase Christmas Card Link

We have had one interesting year – with lots of great things happening… we will have sent over 600 days for girls kits out (a couple more boxes – 60 kits – are waiting to be sent as I write this) and we have clothed almost 1000 children!!!!

To make it easier I think I will pop everything under headings ….

Kenya – Safe Haven Orphanage and Days for Girls Distributions to 4 schools

We have supported Kenya again through Global School Partners and what a blessing that is! Through their generous ability to take over 100 kits (35kilos) and clothing for the kids at Safe Haven Orphanage … it reached so many kids!! In Kenya – the girls often have nothing to help them deal with their periods – so they stay inside or in a room for 5 days every month. These kits are a practical way to dealing with the normal part of a woman’s life and they can go to school!! The photos are below

Don’t you love those smiles – a bit embarrassed but learning about how their bodies work

The flip chart is a fantastic resource and the girls are amazed to see and learn

Sometime the school room is outside!

Working out how this all works and demonstrating for their classmates

Those smiles!!

In the outside classroom – showing the elements of the kit

Each kid at Safe Haven got a bag with their name embroidered on it – thanks to Chris and Frances!! This is Davies … new clothes and bag too!!

The girls in their new dresses cooking for everyone at Safe Haven

 Papua New Guinea – Rousell Island

Thrilled to have photos from the distribution of Days for Girls Kits via catamaran at Rousell Island PNG. In all we sent 60 kits and Esperance sent more! They certainly are looking for more kits next year which we will happily assist with. Thanks to Marina and her family for making this all possible.

The happy recipients of the Days for Girls Kits in Rousell PNG

So many bright and wonderful kits !!

Vanuatu clothing distribution

We are thrilled to assist Ednah in clothing and sent both shorts and dresses for the islands where many people live in remote locations . Firstly 65 short sets were sent out to Vanuatu and then we we very fortunate to have Anita take over 25 kilos of dresses!! These have been delivered to Sonta and we are waiting on photos!! Big thank you to Glenn Thorley of Port Stephens Removals and Brisbane Moving for delivering them to Anita so we didn’t have to pay for freight.

safe arrival of 25 kilos of dresses to Vanuatu – thanks to Anita and her team, Peter Ora for the ferry to Sonta and two amazing removal companies Port Stephens Removals and Brisbane Removals who took the dresses to Anita from Canberra!! Talk about a village!!

this little girl is being treated for TB – she was delighted with the short set (the dresses had not yet arrived!!)

Ednah and her patient in Vanuatu – the boys now have new clothes!!

Pakistan another successful distribution

We are distributing 30 kits a month to Pakistan with 60 still to go out in December. Lubna is still getting requests from all over the region and it is wonderful to see that it is making such an impact that we are looking to build an enterprise there next year – how exciting!!

so amazing – breaking taboos and educating women – these women will have a much better chance to be educated and build a career than their mothers!

Still shy – but this will help them so much – no need to miss school, or go to the city for supplies

Solomon Islands

These will be probably the only photos we get from this distribution of 25 kilos of kids clothing to a domestic violence refuge in the Solomon Islands due to privacy concerns. However – how awesome is it to help – and thanks to the AFP for shipping it over for us! We hope it makes life just a bit easier for these abused women and their kids.

boxes of kids clothes for the domestic violence refuge – Solomon Islands


Fountain of Peace has been distributing our clothes – mainly shorts this time … I had to include these!!

How cute are these kids and our shorts!!

serious business – I love the little guy in orange in our shorts!!

I will do our end of year update in a couple of weeks – but thank you for your support …. and please continue to assist us in any way you can – we are so grateful!!

  • Donate some funds here 🙂 Link
  • Buy a Christmas card or 2 and keep a girl in school for 4 years Link
  • Sew for us – purchase a pattern Link
  • Donate undies, face washers and soaps
  • Donate toothbrushes, toothpaste and pencils
  • Tell others about us – spread the word
  • Ask me to speak to your group – I would love that – Canberra and Queanbeyan

Everything you do impacts positively on a child – 100% of all donations is always used directly for the need – no commission or administration fees are ever taken out.

With love and gratitude


Spring Update (Aug & September)

Hi everyone – thank you firstly for your amazing support – I certainly know that we are heading fast to the end of the year and things will slow down – but as yet we are still quite busy!

In their new clothes – the kids at Safe Haven Orphanage

I went to Bali recently ans was able to purchase Batik and elastic for our sewing at such amazing prices. I spent $100 and then purchased lots of batik for my personal sewing – all the cutoff pieces will go into DFG kits.

How is this? amazing fabrics and lots of great colours for Days for Girls kits – Bali

Firstly – as promised some new photos from the Safe Haven Orphanage in Kiisi Kenya – where we distributed clothes for the boys and girls – they were so excited and especially the boys because they missed out last time – as we were sewing only for girls at that time.

Davies with his bag – very precious- and his clothes (made by Kim)

Cooking in the dresses – the kids loved them so much they didn’t want to take them off

Esther with her new dress – proudly holding it up – made by Tanya

Rehema – with her dress by Tanya – that smile says it all

Rudia has a pink dress – a favourite colour

We also sent over 100 Days for Girls Kits and these have been distributed to 4 schools in Kiisi Kenya – along with extra soap distributed monthly to families so the girl doesn’t lose soap from her kit for family use. As yet I have not got photos for these distributions but hope to very shortly.

We have now posted 65 short sets for boys and 20 toiletry kits (thanks Chris for making these up) to Vanuatu. They have now cleared customs and are awaiting pick up. It took three weeks and we are waiting impatiently to see if they get released through the postal system (and whether they will require further payment!!)

The amazing Lubna Ghani

Distribution of pencils and toothbrushes to kids!! Thanks to a kind donation from the food bank

Our distribution in Pakistan went well in August, however one lady walked out as she didn’t want to listen – this is an issue we have sometimes, because what we are saying breaks down barriers and taboos, and some women are not happy to hear it. However all the others stayed and thanked Lubna for the session and the kit. It is sometimes not easy to reach into a community which has never talked about menstruation and even more so since it is seem as unclean and shameful. It is a big ask for the women to sit and listen when they have never heard this before.

She has never heard this before – always thought it was shameful – now she is equipped to know – she will move mountains

I will post another 30 off this week. It has been somewhat crazy at work and with a couple of weeks leave thrown in I haven’t had a lot of time – but I will get to the post office on Tuesday.

These ladies still sat and listened – they know now things they never were told before – that is amazing. And thanks to Dr Zarrin for your support in getting the dfg kits there

Lubna says: Its not easy to break the Barriers when talk to illiterate conservative Women in villages. Today in chak 388 Pakistan… It was good group to start with general women health, talked about their cleanliness and taking care of their kids to get them involved. It was the good beginning but during the session one woman left the group by saying….” what is she talking about”? I can not listen this”

But I continued the session.. Because mostly young girls were listening very carefully. And they said its their first time that they have heard about it. I was little upset but we learn each time to tackle these kinds of behaviors. We are breaking barriers by standing fast with our mission. God bless you. Days for Girls – Pakistan.

I am in consultation with the Solomon Islands to look at distribution of clothes through a domestic violence refuge. These abused and distressed women and children need some clothing and support and we can assist at least with clothing for the kids – we will work with the AFP to take over the clothing – so no postage costs!! Yeah!

Another shipment of girls dresses and women’s undies will go out to Vanuatu via Anita who is taking a team over in November and has agreed to take 20 kilos from Australia. Anita will liaise with the amazing Ednah over there.

Still waiting on photos from Papua New Guinea and My Island Home distributions. Will post them up when I can.

Fernwood Tuggeranong is going to use us as the recipient for their Market Day on the 1st December – this is very exciting and as you know we can always use funds for postage!

There were over 100 kits made up last sewing day!! so we again have a great amount in stock! So we find ourselves  desperate for undies at the moment – Girls sizes 10 to 12 and 12 to 14 as we have a lot of kits to make up in the next two months. What a wonderful position to be in – so please consider adding a pack of undies to your shopping next time you are in a department store – we will gratefully receive them 🙂

Also we need toothpaste – the small size from Reject shop is great – please help get toothpaste to Pakistan 🙂

I can also purchase undies for you if you like – and it is tax deductible 🙂 Bank details are below.

We will have a GST claim for the end of this quarter – but postage has been rather high lately with Vanuatu costing $280 and Pakistan $130 – our bank account has just $90 in it at present. You can donate any amount…… Tax deductible receipts are now available from me – just let me know if you want one 🙂

Here is our account for a tax deductible donation if you wish

Account Name: Days for Girls Australia Limited
BSB: 064 032
Account number: 10134986

Welcome to our lovely new sewers and especially those from far afield who sew away and post their lovely dresses and shorts to us – we are so grateful!!

And lastly – thank you to all our supporters all over Canberra and Australia – we are really delighted that you are with us all the way! Every little bit helps and it makes such a difference to the kids of the world!

Update for July

Hi everyone and welcome to our update for July

A quick reminder that our next sewing day is the 17th August – we have lots to do and I will be taking you through making a shield as we so need assistance on these every month 🙂 If you can’t sew there is still much to do – and we can use your help… we need help putting kits together and lots of other activities such as cutting out … no experience necessary – and morning tea provided!!

Our orphanage policy: As a group we currently support only two orphanages – this one and Fountain or Peace in Uganda … we certainly get asked to help a lot of ‘orphans’ however I have found that these are not necessarily orphans, many have one or both parents,  and there is a lot of ‘volunteering in orphanages’ that goes on – when often these children have families and the children are in fact kept in orphanages and don’t get access to their families. Please believe me when I say I really look into every organisation we donate to – to ensure we are not enabling a problem and dependence.  So it is important to assist where we can – and make sure our clothes and kits are being accessed to those most in need.

We firstly are delighted to let you know that the Global School Partners have distributed the clothing to all the orphans in Safe Haven Orphanage in Kenya – these kids are HIV orphans or had a life of living on the street in Kiisi Kenya.

Playing soccer – new clothes

So to Kiisi Kenya…. here are the first photos – and I am sure there will be more … thank you to Global School Partners for the opportunity and to Steve and Margy who manage Safe Haven and care for these kids as their own. We sent each child an outfit in their own ‘dilly’ bag with their embroidered name on the front (thanks to CWA, Frances and Chris). We also sent 100 Days for Girls Kits and lots and lots of soap to assist their families (and to stop the families using the soap in each kit). I am hoping for more photos soon.

New clothes – thank you all

As I write this we are still waiting on news for the Days for Girls delivery to Pakistan. I will keep you posted – usually it takes 10 days – this time it has taken much longer. Fingers crossed and prayers needed at this time.

The catamaran is now sailing to PNG and taking 60 Days for Girls kits to one of the remote areas – where there is no money – but a bartering system. We had a over abundance of kits and we have donated 60 to this cause called ‘Our Island Home’ … they take much needed supplies, medicines and items to these remote spots. We should receive news in a few weeks and photos!! Cannot wait!!!!

Also ditto with the PNG air lift which Bill assists in – 70 dresses were donated in July and have been taken over.

Thank you to ‘Pacific Smiles’ which took clothing to Fiji recently and it has now been distributed. We are waiting on more photos – but this is a start – thanks to Sheree and her family for assisting these kids – and we hope to see more smiles soon.

bright and happy dresses – more to come

Susan distributes Days for Girls Kits in the  Solomon Islands was a contact I made at a conference in Melbourne at hte DFG conference. It was great to chat with her and Tanya traveled over to the Solomons to catch up with her husband recently. It was a very quick turnaround – but needless to say, despite Susan having to return to Australia because she was so ill, we managed to still have half the clothes distributed and the other half will be distributed soon. Tanya also sewed 21 pair of shorts while she was there ‘on holiday’ (smile) so we have done well.

Sweet dresses on lovely little girls

one of my faves

in a rainbow – size 2 – how cute is she

only hald the distribution so far – more to come

love those shorts

so delightful – dresses by Tanya!!

Island girl and boy – so sweet

matchy matchy – too cute

At last I have some photos back from our Project Didi distribution – these are girls rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal and we honour their policy not to show the girls faces. The lovely smile is from the coordinator Smitri ….. isn’t that wonderful.

gorgeous dress and the coordinator Smitri who will be doing the Days for Girls Training soon

The girls in their new dresses – they loved them and couldn’t wait to put them on

I have been chatting to Lucette Dillon of her charity Quan Am (Vietnam) about Days for Girls for some time. We decided to donate Days for Girls Kits to her organisation when she goes in August, but time was against us – and while we might have got them there – it was better to ask the Coordinator of NZ to assist – so enter Helen!!. Lucette, Helen (from NZ Days for Girls) and I managed to liaise and NZ Days for Girls is now assisting Lucette in getting the kits and facilitating this to the area that Lucette’s charity works in. How wonderful – and thank to Helen for donating the kits. This is just the start – Lucette is looking at training her staff to deliver the sessions to the girls and I think this will take off!!

So how is August looking?

  • We have currently filled our commitments in June and July and now we are delighted to say that our clothing – which was getting very low is now beginning to look healthy again.
  • We look as though we have a contact in India – and I will let you know more when I can
  • We are in desperate need of sizes 4 to 6 girls undies and also sizes 6 to 8 girls undies if you are able – we would love that!!
  • Iris is sorting out a large fabric donation from closing her business – I am not sure what that looks like for us – but I am excited
  • We welcome several more sewers this month (mostly NSW and Qld) and please let us know if you would like fabric to sew … we have a lot in stock :)…. we also have kits to sew – nothing needed except your sewing machine!!
  • Thanks to your tireless efforts we are getting our cross over dresses up to stock levels – but would love more shorts (we were down to 4 pair recently – all sizes needed. We have about 15 in stock at the moment – so it is light on!!
  • Our coffers will look better once we have the GST paid back – but we are very short at present – please make sure you save receipts so I can claim GST – it really does help us so much
  • I will happily come and talk to your group about what we do – please just email me
  • For tax deductible donations – and100% goes to our work ….
    Account Name: Days for Girls Australia Limited
    BSB: 064 032
    Account number: 10134986
    Please then nominate Tuggeranong

I really wanted to share this with you – it is taken from the leaders chat – but just in case you are ever in any doubt about what you do – and why it is important 🙂

 Our Kenyan friend and translator, Dama, has asked the women who received kits in 2016 for any feedback on how the kits are faring. They said:
*We love our kits – they are bright colours.
*We would like more kits for our daughters who now need them too.
*The kits are wearing well and are still in good condition.
*We need more of the folded pieces that fit in pockets (liners) as we scrub them and they are getting thin.
*Please come back and bring more because we love them.
*We remember dancing with you that day.
It’s great to get positive feedback from women who use DfG kits every month and they obviously are very happy with them.

Thank you everyone – without your amazing help we could not do what we do – our reach is not only to the kids but their families – and you help make it all possible

I am so grateful – thank you!!